Welcome Aboard from our Captain

Hello, hello!

My name is Nina Diaz, and I could not be more honored to serve as Delta Gamma’s President this year. From the moment I ran to the house on bid day, I knew this place would be my forever home. Every woman I met opened their hearts and arms to me from the second I met them. I
found a community of women who align themselves to such high values and morals, and embrace the diversity of one another, creating a sisterhood like no other. I ran home to the 808 in Fall 2019, and my life has never been the same. I came to the University of Florida alone and
scared, but here I found my best friends. I found women that will be standing as my bridesmaids at my wedding, the “aunts” to my children, and the women I will grow old with.


Our beloved Gamma Theta members never fail to inspire me each and every day. Our chapter is filled with devoted hardworking Delta Geniuses in the classrooms, as well as leaders all over campus and our community. As a lost freshman, I looked for guidance at UF, and of course my
sisters were there. Older members served as the best mentors I could’ve asked for. I was encouraged to challenge myself within my major, push myself outside of my comfort zone, and get involved in organizations I did not even know existed. Along the scary process of coming into college, I never felt alone because I had them supporting and cheering me on!


My time here in Delta Gamma has given me more than I could’ve imagined coming from a sorority. And that’s the thing, DG is more than just a sorority, it is a sisterhood. DG has been my rock throughout my time here at UF. Through all the laughter and tears, my sisters were there as
a shoulder to cry on, or people to roll on the floor with in laughter. Our beautiful 808 has been my sanctuary, a place where I can truly be myself without the worry of being judged.


Now that my time here is coming to an end, I am so thrilled to lead our chapter into my senior year. We have so much to come before I part ways with the 808. But, I know I will forever be DG and couldn’t be happier that this is where I chose to drop my anchor.