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As we sail through life things change but the purpose of Delta Gamma and the bond of sisterhood remains constant. Our sisterhood is “ageless” and for a “lifetime”.  Sorority women were the original connectors, innovative collaborators with a mission of paying it forward. The 21st Century ushered in a new era of connecting thru social media, redefining the way we collaborate. Many of today’s social platforms mirror objectives Delta Gamma set in motion in 1873. Our goal is to remain relevant, today and for generations to come, while staying true to our ideals and mantra of “Doing Good”.

As a Gamma Theta Alumnae, you are the foundation and the backbone of our chapter. Stay connected, volunteer or be a mentor. Our membership is made up of diverse and talented women and support for Gamma Theta comes in many forms. From giving of your time and talent, sharing your knowledge and expertise, as well as financial contributions, the generous support from Delta Gammas young and old is what keeps our sisterhood thriving.  Most importantly, while DG relies on your support, DG is always here to support you.


We’re excited to create this platform to continue to connect our alumnae and keep our sisterhood strong. Look out for a future live link to, the brainchild of former Gamma Theta President Nancy Wallace Schneider ’79. The site will operate as a professional mentoring site where Gamma Theta alumna mentors, professionals, teachers and business leaders can post articles, share best practices, list job openings and internships opportunities and more. Stay tuned!


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