Gamma Theta  

Chapter Management Team


Leah Locascio

Hometown: Gainesville, FL   

Major: Economics and Business Administration

Favorite DG Memory: My favorite DG memory is initiating MC 20. I felt so connected to and inspired by my newest sisters. There was so much love in the room, and I got to initiate my three g-littles! 

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Annaleah Esp
 VP - Social Standards

Hometown: Chicago, IL

Major: Health Education and Behavior 

Favorite DG Memory: My favorite memory is Dance Marathon 2019! This was my first DM and I really got to see how Delta Gamma truly changed the lives of so many children and made an impact on so many others around them.

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Nina Diaz
VP - Finance

Hometown: Miami, FL

Major: Finance/Spanish Minor

Favorite DG Memory: My favorite DG memories are from spirit week 2020! Through the different fun activities and preparing to welcome in a new member class, I got so much closer to so many of my sisters, and who I call my best friends!

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Samantha Griffin
 VP - Communications

Hometown: Ringoes, NJ

Major: Visual Art Studies

Favorite DG Memory: My favorite DG memory is when we went on our sisterhood retreats to Ginnie Springs and Universal. I came into college knowing nobody and these trips allowed me to get closer with my sisters right off the bat!

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Lauren Kerich
 VP - Programming

Hometown: Dallas, TX

Major: Biology/Pre-med 

Favorite DG Memory: My favorite DG memory is getting my little because she is my best friend and I can’t imagine life without her.

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Emily Work
VP - Member Education

Hometown: Orlando, FL

Major: Biology

Favorite DG Memory: My favorite DG memory has been Big Little where I was able to become a part of the most amazing family and find my absolute best friends. Ever since day 1 of recruitment, I was told how much I resembled my big and I am so lucky to have found such an amazing person to be there for me and make my experience in Delta Gamma even better than I could’ve imagined.

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Katie Lescano
VP - Membership

Hometown: Fort Lauderdale, FL   

Major: Marketing Combined Degree Masters in International Business

Favorite DG Memory: My favorite DG memory is Spirit Week. I think it’s when the most bonding takes place because we are all there just for DG!

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Dailey Dellenbach
 VP - Foundation

Hometown: Weston, FL 

Major: Health Education and Behavior/Pre-Med

Favorite DG Memory:  Participating in Anchor Splash my freshman year alongside my big and best friends!

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Libby Motes
 VP - Panhellenic

Hometown: Weston, FL 

Major: Biology

Favorite DG Memory:  My favorite DG memory is taking my best friends home with me. From the road trip there to showing them my hometown, it’s always so much fun.

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Director of Scholarship: Avery Silverman

Director of Sisterhood: Sarah Solazzo

Director of House Management: Sydney Jimenez

Director of Food Business: Olivia Quealy

Director of New Members: Mackenzie Mazziota

Director of Funds: Caroline Short

Director of Primary Recruitment: Ale Lora

Director of Continuous Recruitment and Retention: Natasha Mazanini

Director of Recruitment Records: Jordan Ashley

Director of Potential New Members: Greta Ciampini

Director of Fraternity Social Events: Abby Wegner

Director of Social Events: Jessica Reinhart

Director of Special Events: Kayla Fox

Director of Alumnae Relations: Alicia Gustavson

Co-Directors of Philanthropy: Alexa Bond and Jordan Pack

Director of Public Relations: Mikayla Hadlock

Director of E-Communications: Hayley Futernick

Director of Rituals: Lauren Kerich

Director of Committees/Points: Becca Maun

Co-Directors of Anchor Splash: Megan Yaryan and Shelby Myers

Co-Directors of Intramurals: Madilyn DeLuca and Sophia McMillan

Director of Dance Marathon: Abby Search

Director of Homecoming Events: Lexi DoVale

Director of Social Awareness: Haley Nisonson

Director of Merchandise: Julia Altoe

Director of Service for Sight: Isabel Curtis

Director of Service Hours: Mandy Eastwood

Director of Fundraising: Lorca Stainton

Director of Chapter Archives: Madelyn Skinner

Co-Directors of DG Dialogue: Rachel Hamaker and Claire Weitz

Director of Senior Programming: Gab Dunayer

Director of Campus Involvement: Alice McHenry

Alternate Panhellenic Delegate: Lou Schiefflin

Honor Board

Honor Board Member at Large: Maddie Abdoney

Junior Honor Board Member: Taylor Ross

Sophomore Honor Board Member: Shailya Sharma