Gamma Theta  

Chapter Management Team


Nina Diaz

Hometown: Miami, FL

Major: Finance/Spanish Minor

Favorite DG Memory: My favorite DG memories are from spirit week 2020! Through the different fun activities and preparing to welcome in a new member class, I got so much closer to so many of my sisters, and who I call my best friends!

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Emily Work
 VP - Social Standards

Hometown: Windermere, FL

Major: Biology/Spanish minor 

Favorite DG Memory: My favorite DG memory has been Big Little where I was able to become a part of the most amazing family and find my absolute best friends. Ever since day one of recruitment, I was told how much I resembled my big and I am so lucky to have found such an amazing person to be there for me and make my experience in Delta Gamma even better than I could’ve imagined.

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Alicia Gustafson
VP - Finance

Hometown: Jupiter, FL

Major: Business Management

Favorite DG Memory: My favorite DG memory is living in the house. I loved all the time I spent being surrounded by so many amazing women. More specifically, my favorite in-house memory has to be playing assassin with almost the entire house, it was very intense and very fun! 

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Greta Ciampini
VP - Communications

Hometown: Clearwater, FL

Major: Sport Management

Favorite DG Memory: DG has created so many fun times and memories, but some of my favorite memories come from our sisterhood retreats at Bush Gardens and Universal. During these retreats I’ve had so much fun riding the roller coasters and even waiting in hour long lines talking to my friends and playing games!

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Solimar Sanchez
 VP - Programming

Hometown: Fort Lauderdale, FL

Major: Advertising

Favorite DG Memory: My favorite DG memory is the sisterhood retreat we do. It is so amazing and such a fun way to connect with the women of our chapter! It’s so much fun being able to go on a trip with all of my favorite people and see everyone let loose and really bond.

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Sophia McMillan
VP - Member Education

Hometown: Miami, FL

Major: Biology/ Pre-Med track

Favorite DG Memory: My favorite DG memories happened during my first Spirit Week. I was able to meet and get close to so many of my sisters. Spirit Week reminded me why I chose DG and how lucky I am to have such amazing women in my life.

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Natasha Mazinani
VP - Membership

Hometown: Miami, FL   

Major: Psychology of Behavior Analysis and Biology

Favorite DG Memory: My favorite DG memory is eating dinner with all my friends at the house every night.

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Sol Garcia
VP - Foundation

Hometown: Miami, FL 

Major: Psychology with an emphasis in Behavioral and Cognitive Neuroscience

Favorite DG Memory:  My favorite DG memory is definitely bid day from sophomore year! I was finally able to meet one of the new members I had made such a strong connection with throughout recruitment and having her run home to me, being her bid day buddy, and finally getting the chance to talk with her in person after bonding so much virtually was so amazing and fulfilling.

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Sydney Fialkow
VP - Panhellenic

Hometown: Atlanta, GA 

Major: Health Education and Behavior

Favorite DG Memory:  My favorite DG memory was the night before big little this year. We were all in house together, scrambling to finish up our sailor hats, blasting music, and ribbon was scattered everywhere!! 

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Director of Scholarship: Isabella Paz

Director of Sisterhood: Betsy Williams

Director of House Management: Emma Mack

Director of Food Business: Rylee Aden

Director of New Members: Valeria Ortega

Director of Funds: Sophia Galinos

Director of Primary Recruitment: Reagan Curtis

Director of Continuous Recruitment and Retention: Jaclyn Levine

Director of Recruitment Records: Sofia Buonanno

Director of Potential New Members: Brooke Denicola

Director of Fraternity Social Events: Lexi Dovale

Director of Social Events: Carolina Short

Director of Special Events: Sophia Sorbara

Director of Alumnae Relations: Lindsey Suncine

Co-Directors of Philanthropy: Alexa Bond and Isabella Fogarty

Director of Public Relations: Lindsey Robison

Director of E-Communications: Sofia Enriquez

Director of Rituals: Charlize Ramos

Director of Committees/Points: Avery Silverman

Co-Directors of Anchor Splash: Megan Yaryan and Sydney Wall

Co-Directors of Intramurals: Nora Lewis and Carlyn Russell

Director of Dance Marathon: Kara Motsch

Director of Homecoming Events: Kaitlin Marin

Director of Social Awareness: Kiki Innes

Director of Merchandise: Renni Korniloff

Director of Service for Sight: Amelia Tayag

Director of Service Hours: Evelyn Vaughan

Director of Fundraising: Thaissa Laux

Director of Chapter Archives: Madelyn Skinner

Co-Directors of DG Dialogue: Suzannah Kelly and Lauren Rugh

Director of Senior Programming: Lucy Miller

Director of Campus Involvement: Silvana Bonaduce

Alternate Panhellenic Delegate: Liana Ramirez

Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: Gabriela Torres De Navarra

Honor Board

Honor Board Member at Large: Carolina Kelly

Junior Honor Board Member: Rachel Hamaker

Sophomore Honor Board Member: Haley Nisonson