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Gamma Theta  

Chapter Management Team


Sydney Fialkow

Hometown: Atlanta, GA

Major: Health Education and Behavior

Favorite DG Memory: My favorite DG memory was the night before big little this year. We were all in the house together, scrambling to finish up our sailor hats, blasting music, and ribbon was scattered everywhere!

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Nora Lewis
 VP - Social Standards

Hometown: Tampa, FL

Major: Biomedical Engineering 

Favorite DG Memory: My favorite DG memory was my sophomore year big little when I got to surprise my two amazing littles. Since then, they’ve been two of my best friends and I can’t imagine life without them.

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Sophia Galinos
VP - Finance

Hometown: Miami, FL

Major: Accounting

Favorite DG Memory: DG has contributed to so many of my best times and memories, but if I had to choose one moment it would be big little! Each year, whether it was when I got my big, my little, or even my g-little this past year, my experience has been bittersweet and such a long-awaited exciting surprise. I’m forever grateful to be a part of the chapter and cannot wait for what’s to come!  

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Sofia Enriquez
VP - Communications

Hometown: Davie, FL

Major: Marketing with Minors in 
Retail and Event Management

Favorite DG Memory: My best friends and I coached an anchor splash team in my sophomore year. The whole process was so fun and I loved watching it come together on the day of the event! 

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Valeria Ortega
 VP - Programming

Hometown: Miami, FL

Major: Psychology and Sport Management

Favorite DG Memory: My favorite DG memory has to be bid day this past fall. I got to plan and set it up with one of my best friends, and it was such a fun experience. The night before bid day, a bunch of girls stayed up until 2 AM helping us make sure everything was perfect! From painting anchors to making sure every new member’s name was on their sailor hat, I will forever remember this experience as one of my favorites in DG.

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Evelyn Vaughan
VP - Member Education

Hometown: Tampa, FL

Major: Biology (Pre-PA Track)

Favorite DG Memory: It is hard to say what my favorite memory of Delta Gamma is when there are so many! DG has given me so many friendships I never knew I needed! Between meeting some of my closest friends at dinner, squeezing my little after she ran down the stairs, to being on CMT with my big, I could never thank DG enough for giving me these girls!

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Jackie Levine
VP - Membership

Hometown: Boca Raton, FL   

Major: Business Administration with a Specialization in Wealth Management

Favorite DG Memory: My favorite DG memory was our sisterhood retreat to universal this year. We all got matching DG zip-ups and wore them around all day and it was super fun being all together and just running around the park! 

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Alexa Bond
VP - Foundation

Hometown: Miami, FL 

Major: Psychology with an emphasis in Behavioral and Cognitive Neuroscience

Favorite DG Memory:  My favorite DG memory is definitely bid day from sophomore year! I was finally able to meet one of the new members I had made such a strong connection with throughout recruitment and having her run home to me, being her bid day buddy, and finally getting the chance to talk with her in person after bonding so much virtually was so amazing and fulfilling.

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Screenshot 2023-01-25 at 4.20.43 PM.png

Kiki Innes
VP - Panhellenic

Hometown: Scottsdale, AZ 

Major: Health Science (Pre-Med)

Favorite DG Memory: Being a part of DG has brought me so many amazing memories from Bid Day to Big Little to becoming a part of CMT! My favorite memory was Bid Day this past fall because I had met and became closer with so many girls through spirit week and being able to celebrate all together and showing the new members how amazing DG is was the best way to start off the year!

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Director of Scholarship: Shannon Sykes

Director of Sisterhood: Natalie Work

Director of House Management: Hannah Shelton

Director of Food Business: Emma Jankowski

Director of New Members: Lauren Rugh

Director of Funds: Rylee Aden

Director of Primary Recruitment: Charlize Ramos

Director of Continuous Recruitment and Retention: Stella Kamensky

Director of Recruitment Records: Dominique Dimeglio

Director of Potential New Members: Carly Serlenga

Director of Fraternity Social Events: Megan Gustafson

Director of Social Events: Kaitlin Marin

Director of Special Events: Isa Perdomo

Director of Alumnae Relations: Johanna Bruk

Co-Directors of Philanthropy: Isabella Fogerty and Victoria Prieto 

Director of Public Relations: Sydney Wall

Director of E-Communications: Savannah Traub

Director of Rituals: Jordan Hricko

Director of Committees: Jennifer Vigness

Co-Directors of Anchor Splash: Katherine Provan and Lauren Bryan

Co-Directors of Intramurals: Reese Biggerstaff and Madison Gatto

Director of Dance Marathon: Anabel de la Hoz

Director of Homecoming Events: Tyller Bauer

Director of Social Awareness: Samantha Scaletta

Director of Merchandise: Ansley Goldstein

Director of Service for Sight: Bridget Affanato

Director of Service Hours: Alexa Sefer

Director of Fundraising: Katie Corrigan

Director of Chapter Archives: Sarah Robbins

Co-Directors of DG Dialogue: Lilliam Moraga and Lucy Lopate

Director of Senior Programming: Lindsey Robison

Director of Campus Involvement: Victoria Poliak

Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: Maya Idaculla

Honor Board

Honor Board Member at Large: Sophia Villaverde

Junior Honor Board Member: Haley Nisonson

Sophomore Honor Board Member: Carlyn Russell

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