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Academic Excellence

Delta Gamma places a strong emphasis on the academic excellence of our members. With the pressure on today's college students—school, family, friends, work, extracurricular activities plus planning for a future—it is often difficult to find a balance. It is a clear expectation of Delta Gamma that each member will strive to reach her full scholastic potential and work to maintain the chapter’s scholarship requirement to remain in good standing. At UF, the Gamma Theta chapter is proud to have been recently recognized with the Academic Excellence award for our region at Delta Gamma's Annual Convention.


Delta Geniuses Leading the Way

The Gamma Theta chapter makes education a high priority. The average GPA of our members consistently ranks higher than the average University of Florida GPA and we regularly recognize our sisters who demonstrate academic excellence. Every semester our chapter celebrates our Delta Geniuses, those who have either received a 4.0 GPA in the prior semester or currently have a 3.75 or higher cumulative GPA. Leading the way into the Fall 2019 semester are 65 Delta Geniuses, nearly a third of our membership.

These women set the example of academic excellence for our chapter and we are very proud of their accomplishments.

Sailing to a Bright Future

Many of our members go on to further their education at medical school, law school and other graduate programs. Here are just some of the institutions Gamma Thetas have recently been accepted to:









Grants, Scholarships and Loan Opportunities

The Delta Gamma Foundation supports our education ideals through various scholarship and loan opportunities for its members. Endowments and annual gifts allow the Foundation to award undergraduate scholarships and graduate fellowships to members, as well as provide financial assistance to collegians and members in crisis. In 2017-2018, DG awarded $1,023,143 in grants to individual members, including 15

merit-based scholarships to DGs at UF. These programs are made possible through generous gifts to the Delta Gamma Foundation and include:

• Sisters Helping Sisters: A Need-Based Scholarship Program

• Undergraduate Merit-Based Scholarships

• Graduate Fellowships

• Anchor Grants

• Student Loans

• Dawson Student Loans

• Service for Sight Grants


Learn more about scholarship, fellowship and loan opportunities and how to apply at Delta Gamma Foundation

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